This Week in the 1950 Census

It’s been a very good week for the 1950 Census! Our goal for the 1950 Census website was to provide a simple, intuitive site as well as bulk download capabilities for users and make it available as soon as we legally could. The National Archives’ Census team stayed up late on the evening of March … Continue reading This Week in the 1950 Census

The 1950 Census is Here!

At midnight, the National Archives launched the 1950 Census website.  Staff from across the agency have been working over the past decade to prepare the records and provide them to you.  I am very proud of how their work has fulfilled our mission to make access happen.  NARA and Amazon Web Services experts working together … Continue reading The 1950 Census is Here!

Countdown to the 1950 Census!

The clock is ticking down to the April 1, 2022 launch of the 1950 Census and NARA staff have been buzzing with activity in preparation for the date. The Big Count National Archives Identifier 178688266, p. 15 The data for each Census is restricted for 72 years, and the earliest it may be made available … Continue reading Countdown to the 1950 Census!

Consistently Customer Centered

The current administration has called on federal agencies to focus on transforming federal customer experience. In response, the National Archives is embedding customer experience initiatives and principles into the strategic goals for the agency. We are also developing an agency-wide customer experience program.  As exciting and energizing as our new efforts are, focusing on customer … Continue reading Consistently Customer Centered

NARA Staff Collaborate for Improved Access to the 1950 Census

An enumeration district (ED), as used by the Bureau of the Census, was an area that could be covered by a single enumerator (census taker) in one census period. Enumeration districts varied in size from several city blocks in densely populated urban areas to an entire county equivalent in sparsely populated rural areas. During the … Continue reading NARA Staff Collaborate for Improved Access to the 1950 Census

Preparing for the 1950 Census

The next Decennial (ten-year) Census of the United States will be available online next year. In 1978, Public Law 95-416, also known as the “72-Year Rule,” restricted access to decennial records to everyone except for the individual named on the record for 72 years. The National Archives will release the 1950 Census records in April … Continue reading Preparing for the 1950 Census