What I’m Reading


Jonathan F.P. Rose, The Well-Tempered City The Well-Tempered City By Jonathan F.P. Rose
Jose Saramago, Skylight Skylight By Jose Saramago
Caroline Bruzelius, Preaching, Building, and Burying Preaching, Building, and Burying By Caroline Bruzelius
Greg Mitchell The Tunnels The Tunnels By Greg Mitchell
Nigela Lawson, Simply Nigela. Simply Nigella By Nigella Lawson
Tim Wu, The Attention Merchants The Attention Merchants By Tim Wu
H.W. Brands, The General vs. The President The General vs. The President By H.W. Brands
Nigel Cliff, Moscow Nights Moscow Nights By Nigel Cliff
Robert Forbes, The Voyage of the Jamestown on her Errand of Mercy The Voyage of the Jamestown On Her Errand of Mercy By Robert Forbes
Lucinda Hawksley, Bitten By Witch Fever Bitten By Witch Fever By Lucinda Hawksley
Vivian Howard, Deep Run Roots Deep Run Roots By Vivian Howard
Elizabeth Cox, A Question of Mercy A Question of Mercy By Elizabeth Cox
Viet Thanh Nguyen, Nothing Ever Dies Nothing Ever Dies By Viet Thanh Nguyen
Colin Spoelman and David Haskell, Dead Distillers Dead Distillers By Colin Spoelman and David Haskell
Alex Prud'Homme, The French Chef in America The French Chef in America By Alex Prud’Homme
Blaine Harden, The Great Leader and the Fighter Pilot The Great Leader and the Fighter Pilot By Blaine Harden
Edward Sorel, Mary Astor's Purple Diary Mary Astor’s Purple Diary By Edward Sorel
Lin-Manuel Miranda, Hamilton The Revolution Hamilton: The Revolution By Lin-Manuel Miranda
Rebecca Mead, My Life In Middlemarch My Life In Middlemarch By Rebecca Mead
Kathryn Smith, The Gatekeeper. The Gatekeeper By Kathryn Smith
Robert Gottlieb Avid Reader Avid Reader By Robert Gottlieb
Emma Donoghue The Wonder The Wonder By Emma Donoghue
Harriet Doer Stones for Ibarra Stones For Ibarra By Harriet Doerr
Ian McEwan, Nutshell Nutshell By Ian McEwan
Lois Lowry Looking Back Looking Back By Lois Lowry
Peter Wohlleben, The Hidden Life of Trees The Hidden Life of Trees By Peter Wohlleben
Mrs. Cornelius Vanderbilt Whitney, The Potato Chip Cookbook The Potato Chip Cookbook By Mrs. Cornelius Vanderbilt Whitney
nicco-mele-the-end-of-big The End of Big By Nicco Mele
michael-cunningham-a-wild-swan A Wild Swan By Michael Cunningham
larry tye bobby kennedy Bobby Kennedy By Larry Tye
francois-furstenberg-when-the-united-states-spoke-french When the United States Spoke French By Francois Furstenberg
Jonathan Safran Foer Here I Am Here I Am By Jonathan Safran Foer
Nicholson Baker Substitute Substitute By Nicholson Baker
Dash Shaw Cosplayers Cosplayers By Dash Shaw
Ross King Mad Enchantment Mad Enchantment By Ross King
Robert Gibbons Animated Landscape Animated Landscape By Robert Gibbons
Marcela and Victor Hazan, Incredienti Ingredienti By Marcella and Victor Hazan
Ronny Lundi, Victuals Victuals By Ronny Lundi
Nathan Hill, The Nix The Nix By Nathan Hill
Tom Wolfe, The Kingdom of Speech The Kingdom of Speech By Tom Wolfe
Stephen Puleo, American Treasures American Treasures By Stephen Puleo
Caleb Carr, Surrender, New York Surrender, New York By Caleb Carr
Dave Eggers, This Bridge Will Not Be Gray. This Bridge Will Not Be Gray By Dave Eggers
A Monster Calls Patrick Ness A Monster Calls By Patrick Ness
Darryl W. Bullock, Florence! Foster!! Jenkins!!! Florence! Foster!! Jenkins!!! By Darryl W. Bullock
Robert Olen Butler, Perfume River Perfume River By Robert Olen Butler
Ann Hood, The Book That Matters Most The Book That Matters Most By Ann Hood
Allison Leotta, A Good Killing A Good Killing By Allison Leotta
The Last Good Girl The Last Good Girl By Allison Leotta
John Gregory Brown, Decorations in a Ruined Cemetery Decorations in a Ruined Cemetery By John Gregory Brown
Colson Whitehead, The Underground Railroad The Underground Railroad By Colson Whitehead
David McKean, Suspected of Independence Suspected of Independence By David McKean
John Lewis, March Book Three March Book Three By John Lewis
Irish in the American Civil War The Irish in the American Civil War By Damian Shiels
Carys Davies. Some New Ambush Some New Ambush By Carys Davies
Carys Davies. The Redemption of Galen Pike The Redemption of Galen Pike By Carys Davies
John Gregory Brown, Audubon's Watch Audubon’s Watch By John Gregory Brown
Dave Eggers, Heroes of the Frontier Heroes of the Frontier By Dave Eggers
Jules Feiffer, Cousin Joseph Cousin Joseph By Jules Feiffer
Mississippi Noir. Tom Franklin, ed. Mississippi Noir By Tom Franklin
Brad Watson, Miss Jane Miss Jane By Brad Watson
Alessandra Spisni, The Recipes of La Vecchia Scuola Bolognese The Recipes of La Vecchia Scuola Bolognese By Alessandra Spisni
Claire-Louise Bennett, Pond. Pond By Claire-Louise Bennett
Ali Smith, Public Library Public Library By Ali Smith
Rebecca Mead, My Life In Middlemarch My Life In Middlemarch By Rebecca Mead
Richard Blanco, The Prince of Los Cocuyos The Prince of Los Cocuyos By Richard Blanco
Richard Blanco, One Today One Today By Richard Blanco
Christo and Jeanne-Claude, The Floating Piers The Floating Piers By Christo and Jeanne-Claude
Mark A. Bradley, A Very Principled Boy A Very Principled Boy By Mark A. Bradley
Mark Singer, Trump and Me. Trump and Me By Mark Singer
G.B. Trudeau, Yuge! Yuge! By G.B. Trudeau
Calvin Trillin, Jackson, 1964. Jackson, 1964 By Calvin Trillin
Alice Adams, Invincible Summer Invincible Summer By Alice Adams
A thousand miles from nowhere John Gregory Brown A Thousand Miles From Nowhere By John Gregory Brown
Annie Proulx Barkskins Barkskins By Annie Proulx
Danielle Allen, Education and Equality Education and Equality By Danielle Allen
Terry Tempest Williams, The Hour of the Land The Hour of the Land By Terry Tempest Williams
Rudy Chiappini, Botero Paintings, 1959-2015. Botero Paintings, 1959-2015 By Rudy Chiappini
Larry Watson, As Good As Gone As Good As Gone By Larry Waston
cass sunstein the world according to star wars The World According to Star Wars By Cass Sunstein
David Priess, The President's Book of Secrets The President’s Book of Secrets By David Priess
Robert J. Anderson and William A. Adams, Mastering Leadership Mastering Leadership By Robert J. Anderson and William A. Adams
Catie Marron, City Squares City Squares By Catie Marron
Mark Kurlansky, Paper Paper By Mark Kurlansky
Hamilton Gregory, McNamara's Folly McNamara’s Folly By Hamilton Gregory
Philip Fried, Interrogating Water Interrogating Water By Philip Fried
Eric Ripert, 32 Yolks 32 Yolks By Eric Ripert
Nathaniel Philbrick, Valiant Ambition Valiant Ambition By Nathaniel Philbrick
Brad Meltzer, The House of Secrets The House of Secrets By Brad Metlzer
Martin Seay, The Mirror Thief The Mirror Thief By Martin Seay
Mark Haddon, The Pier Falls The Pier Falls By Mark Haddon
Clint Hill, Five Presidents Five Presidents By Clint Hill
Laura Lippman, Wilde Lake Wilde Lake By Laura Lippman
Eric Ripert, LeBernardin Cookbook LeBernardin Cookbook By Eric Ripert
Cameron Morrissey, The 7 Deadly Sins of Leadership The 7 Deadly Sins of Leadership By Cameron Morrissey
Chris Anderson, TED The Official TED Guide to Public Speaking TED Talks: The Official TED Guide to Public Speaking By Chris Anderson
Joseph M. Bagley, A History of Boston in 50 Artifacts. A History of Boston in 50 Artifacts By Joseph M. Bagley
Linda Fairstein Into The Lion's Den Into the Lion’s Den By Linda Fairstein
Linda Fairstein, Killer Look Killer Look By Linda Fairstein
Bob Brier, Cleopatra's Needles. Cleopatra’s Needles By Bob Brier
Richard Russo, Everybody's Fool. Everybody’s Fool By Richard Russo
Eric Jay Dolin, Fur, Fortune, and Empire Fur, Fortune, and Empire By Eric Jay Dolin
Eric Jay Dolin, When America First Met China When America First Met China By Eric Jay Dolin
Elaine Showalter, The Civil Wars of Julia Ward Howe The Civil Wars of Julia Ward Howe By Elaine Showalter
Marta McDowell, All The Presidents' Gardens All The Presidents’ Gardens By Marta McDowell
Ron Rash, Poems Poems By Ron Rash
Stewart O'Nan, City of Secrets City of Secrets By Stewart O’Nan
Mary Louise Clifford and J. Candace Clifford, Women Who Kept the Lights Women Who Kept the Lights By Mary Louise Clifford and J. Candace Clifford
Jennifer Ackerman, The Genius of Birds The Genius of Birds By Jennifer Ackerman
Jane Hamilton, The Excellent Lombards The Excellent Lombards By Jane Hamilton
David Starkey, Magna Carta Magna Carta By David Starkey
John Ganly, Celtic Crossing Celtic Crossings By John Ganly
S.C. Gwynne, Rebel Yell Rebel Yell By S.C. Gwynne
Ian McGuire, The North Water The North Water By Ian McGuire
James Wood, The Nearest Thing To Life The Nearest Thing to Life By James Wood
Jo Ann Trogdon, The Unknown Travels and Dubious Pursuits of William Clark The Unknown Travels and Dubious Pursuits of William Clark By Jo Ann Trogdon
Eric Jay Dolin, Leviathan Leviathan By Eric Jay Dolin
Annette Gordon-Reed and Peter S. Onuf. Most Blessed of the Patriarchs Most Blessed of the Patriarchs By Annette Gordon-Reed and Peter S. Onuf
Lin-Manuel Miranda. Hamilton The Revolution Hamilton: The Revolution By Lin-Manuel Miranda
Alan Bennett, Four Stories Four Stories By Alan Bennett
Alan Bennett, Writing Home Writing Home By Alan Bennett
David DiBenetto II, The Southerners's Cookbook The Southerner’s Cookbook By David DiBenedetto II
Martha Stewart, Martha's Entertaining2 Martha’s Entertaining By Martha Stewart
Ottessa Moshfegh, McGlue. McGlue By Ottessa Moshfegh
Dave Eggers, This Bridge Will Not Be Gray. This Bridge Will Not Be Gray By Dave Eggers
Sloth Love Sam Trull Sloth Love By Sam Trull
Ottessa Moshfegh, Eileen. Eileen By Ottessa Moshfegh
Alejandro zambra private lives of trees The Private Lives of Trees By Alejandro Zambra
Alejandro Zambra Ways of Going Home Ways of Going Home By Alejandro Zambra
Alejandro Zambra My Documents My Documents By Alejandro Zambra
Augusten Burroughs, Lust + Wonder Lust & Wonder By Augusten Burroughs
Barbara Scott-Goodman, Brooklyn Bar Bites. Brooklyn Bar Bites By Barbara Scott-Goodman
Katie Parla and Kristina Gill, Tasting Rome. Tasting Rome By Katie Parla and Kristina Gill
Eric Jay Dolin, Brilliant Beacons Brilliant Beacons By Eric Jay Dolin
The Vatican Cookbook The Vatican Cookbook
Timothy J. Jorgensen, Strange Glow Strange Glow By Timothy J. Jorgensen
Fine Lines Stephen H. Blackwell and Kurt Johnson Fine Lines By Stephen H. Blackwell and Kurt Johnson
Edna O'Brien, The Little Red Chairs The Little Red Chairs By Edna O’Brien
Mitchell Yokelson, Forty-Seven Days Forty-Seven Days By Mitchell Yokelson
Cyrus Massoudi, Land of the Turquoise Mountains Land of the Turquoise Mountains By Cyrus Massoudi
George W. Bush Institute, We Are Afghan Women We Are Afghan Women By George W. Bush Institute
Rick Bass, For a Little While For a Little While By Rick Bass
Jim Harrison, The Ancient Minstrel The Ancient Minstrel By Jim Harrison
Salvatore Scibona, The End The End By Salvatore Scibona
Jonathan M. Bryant, Dark Places of the Earth Dark Places of the Earth By Jonathan M. Bryant
Julian E. Zelizer, The Fierce Urgency of Now The Fierce Urgency of Now By Julian E. Zelizer
David Priess, The President's Book of Secrets The President’s Book of Secrets By David Priess
Kevin G. Abney, Celebrating Lincoln's Legacy Celebrating Lincoln’s Legacy By Kevin G. Abney
Douglas E. Schoen, The Nixon Effect The Nixon Effect By Douglas E. Schoen
Beth Simone Noveck, Smart Citizens, Smarter State Smart Citizens, Smarter State By Beth Simone Noveck
Ethan Canin, A Doubter's Almanac A Doubter’s Almanac By Ethan Canin
Elizabeth Strout, Abide With Me Abide With Me By Elizabeth Strout
Elizabeth Strout, Amy and Isabelle Amy and Isabelle By Elizabeth Strout
Elizabeth Strout, Olive Kitteridge Olive Kitteridge By Elizabeth Strout
Callan Wink, Dog Run Moon Dog Run Moon By Callan Wink
Alondra Nelson, The social Life of DNA The Social Life of DNA By Alondra Nelson
Alan Bennett, The Lady In the Van The Lady in the Van By Alan Bennett
Alan Bennett Untold Stories Untold Stories By Alan Bennett
John Wray, The Lost Time Accidents The Lost Time Accidents By John Wray
James McGrath Morris, Pulitzer Pulitzer By James McGrath Morris
Archon Fong, Full Disclosure Full Disclosure By Archon Fong
Mark Vetri, Mastering Pasta and Rustic Italian Food Mastering Pasta and Rustic Italian Food By Mark Vetri
Drew Pearson. Washington Merry-Go-Round. Washington Merry-Go-Round By Drew Pearson
Archon Fung, Empowered Participation Empowered Participation By Archon Fung
Christopher Jedrey, The World of John Cleaveland The World of John Cleaveland By Christopher Jedrey
Rick Archbold and Dana McCauley, Last Dinner on the Titanic Last Dinner on the Titanic By Rick Archbold and Dana McCauley
Stephen Puleo, American Treasures American Treasures By Stephen Puleo
Elizabeth Strout, My Name Is Lucy Barton My Name Is Lucy Barton By Elizabeth Strout
Suzanne Berne, The Dogs of Littlefield The Dogs of Littlefield By Suzanne Berne
Sarah Miller, The Borden Murders The Borden Murders By Sarah Miller
Peter A. Shulman, Coal & Empire Coal & Empire By Peter A. Shulman
Jerry Krizan and Robert Dumont, Bac Si Bac Si By Jerry Krizan and Robert Dumont
David Whyte, The Sea In You The Sea in You By David Whyte
Brooklyn by Truman Capote Brooklyn By Truman Capote
Umberto Eco, Numero Zero Numero Zero By Umberto Eco
Oscar Hijuelos, Twain and Stanley Enter Paradise Twain and Stanley Enter Paradise By Oscar Hijuelos
John Irving, Avenue of Mysteries Avenue of Mysteries By John Irving
Ken Hughes, Chasing Shadows Chasing Shadows By Ken Hughes
Edmund DeWaal, The Pot Book The Pot Book By Edmund DeWaal
Lauren Redniss, Thunder & Lightning Thunder & Lightning By Lauren Redniss
Tomie DePaola, The Magical World of Strega Nona The Magical World of Strega Nona By Tomie DePaola
David Mitchell, Slade House Slade House By David Mitchell
Ann Hood, Knitting Pearls Knitting Pearls By Ann Hood
Dan Marshall, Home Is Burning Home Is Burning By Dan Marshall
Lidia Bastianich, Lidia's Mastering the Art of Italian Cuisine Lidia’s Mastering the Art of Italian Cuisine By Lidia Bastianich
Benjamin A. Ray, Satan and Salem Satan & Salem By Benjamin C. Ray
Lisa Tetrault, The Myth of Seneca Falls The Myth of Seneca Falls By Lisa Tetrault
Gilbert A. Robinson, Reagan Remembered. Reagan Remembered By Gilbert A. Robinson
Susan Cheever, Drinking in America Drinking in America By Susan Cheever
Colum McCann, Thirteen Ways of Thinking Thirteen Ways of Looking By Colum McCann
Adriana Trigiani, All the Stars in Heaven All the Stars in the Heavens By Adriana Trigiani
Julie Checkoway, The Three-Year Swim Club The Three-Year Swim Club  By Julie Checkoway
Eric Foner, Who Owns History Who Owns History? By Eric Foner
Robert C. Post, Who Owns Americas Past Who Own’s America’s Past? By Robert C. Post
Lemony Snicket, Why Is This Night Different From All Other Nights “Why Is This Night Different From All Other Nights?” By Lemony Snicket
Tom Wolfe, I Am Charlotte Simmons I Am Charlotte Simmons By Tom Wolfe
Arthur Conan Doyle, Dangerous Work Dangerous Work By Arthur Conan Doyle
William Gay, Little Sister Death Little Sister Death By William Gay
Hanya Yanagihara, A Little Life A Little Life By Hanya Yanagihara
Alice Waters, My Pantry My Pantry By Alice Waters
Wayne A. Wiegand, Part Of Our Lives Part Of Our Lives By Wayne A. Wiegand
Faith Sullivan, Good Night, Mr. Woodhouse Good Night, Mr. Wodehouse By Faith Sullivan
Ira Berlin, The Long Emancipation The Long Emancipation By Ira Berlin
Rick Bragg, My Southern Journey My Southern Journey By Rick Bragg
Ceridwen Dovy, Only the Animals Only the Animals By Ceridwen Dovy
Lynn Saville, Dark City Dark City By Lynn Saville
Edward J. Marolda, By Sea, Air, and Land By Sea, Air, and Land By Edward J. Marolda
James Symington, Heard and Overheard. Heard and Overheard By James Symington
Erika Lee, The Making of Asian America The Making of Asian America By Erika Lee
Elena Ferrante, The Story of the Lost Child The Story of the Lost Child By Elena Ferrante
Carrie Brown, The Stargazer's Sister The Stargazer’s Sister By Carrie Brown
Pagdett Powell, Cries For Help Various Cries For Help, Various Stories By Pagdett Powell
Anthony Clark, The Last Campaign The Last Campaign By Anthony Clark
Ann Beattie, The State We're In The State We’re In By Ann Beattie
Sargent, Portraits of Artists and Friends Sargent: Portraits of Artists and Friends By Richard Ormond
House that John Built The House That John Built By The Pickering Foundation
Owen Sheers, A Poet's Guide to Britain A Poet’s Guide to Britain By Owen Sheers
Tim Gunn, The Natty Professor The Natty Professor By Tim Gunn
Stacy Schiff, The Witches The Witches By Stacy Schiff
Will Eno, The Realistic Joneses The Realistic Joneses By Will Eno
Paul Moses, An Unlikely Union An Unlikely Union By Paul Moses
Richard A. Hunt, Melvin Laird Melvin Laird By Richard A. Hunt
Josh Kun, To Live and Dine in L.A. To Live and Dine in L.A. By Josh Kun
Robin Becker, Tiger Heron Tiger Heron By Robin Becker
Owen Sheers, I Saw a Man I Saw a Man  By Owen Sheers
Kevin Lippert, War Plan Red War Plan Red By Kevin Lippert
Anthony S. Pitch, Our Crime Was Being Jewish Our Crime Was Being Jewish By Anthony S. Pitch
Mike Lee, Our Lost Constitution Our Lost Constitution By Mike Lee
Nancy Moses, Stolen, Smuggled, Sold Stolen, Smuggled, Sold By Nancy Moses
Mark Updegrove, Destiny of Democracy Destiny of Democracy By Mark Updegrove
Marks of Genius, Bodleian Libraries Marks of Genius By
Claire Breay and Julian Harrison, Magna Carta Magna Carta By Claire Breay and Julian Harrison
Richard Taylor, Secrets of the National Archives Secrets of the National Archives By Richard Taylor
Michael Neiberg, Potsdam Potsdam By Michael Neiberg
Dinner with Buddha Dinner With Buddha By Roland Merullo
Steve Inskeep, Jacksonland Jacksonland By Steve Inskeep
Kent Haruf, Our Soul At Night Our Souls At Night By Kent Haruf
H.W. Brands, Reagan Reagan By H.W. Brands
William M. LeoGrande and Peter Kornbluh, Back Channel to Cuba Back Channel to Cuba By William M. LeoGrande and Peter Kornbluh
David McCullough, The Wright Brothers. The Wright Brothers By David McCullough
Joseph Ellis, The Quartet. The Quartet By Joseph J. Ellis
Steven Millhauser, Voices in the Night. Voices in the Night By Steven Millhauser
Aislinn Hunter, The World Before Us. The World Before Us By Aislinn Hunter
Richard Reeves, Infamy. Infamy By Richard Reeves
The Best Writings of Ulysses Grant. John F. Marszalek The Best Writings of Ulysses S. Grant Edited By John F. Marszalek
Tony Angell, The House of Owls The House of Owls By Tony Angell
Jenn Louis. Pasta By Hand. Pasta By Hand By Jenn Louis
Linda Fairstein, Devil's Bridge Devil’s Bridge By Linda Fairstein
Patrick O'Connell. Refined American Cuisine Refined American Cuisine By Patrick O’Connell
Through Irish Eyes (Glitterati Incorporated, 2013) Through Irish Eyes
Mairtin O Cadhain, The Dirty Dust The Dirty Dust By Mairtin O Cadhain
Stephen M.R. Covey, The Speed of Trust. The Speed of Trust By Stephen M.R. Covey
Candice Bergen, A Fine Romance A Fine Romance By Candice Bergen
Kevin Brockmeier, A Few Seconds of Radiant Filmstrip A Few Seconds of Radiant Filmstrip By Kevin Brockmeier
Kate Anderson Brower, The Residence The Residence By Kate Anderson Brower
John Bwenogvryn Evan, The Black Book of Carmarthen The Black Book of Carmarthen By John Gwenogvryn Evan
Sean O'Brien, The Beautiful Librarians The Beautiful Librarians By Sean O’Brien
David Treuer, Prudence Prudence By David Treuer
Edward Ball, Peninsula of Lies Peninsula of Lies By Edward Ball
Edward Ball, Slaves in the Family Slaves in the Family By Edward Ball
Mary Hood, Seam Busters Seam Busters By Mary Hood
Andrew O'Hagan, The Illuminations The Illuminations By Andrew O’Hagan
John Lane, Fate Moreland's Widow Fate Moreland’s Widow By John Lane
Sarah Helm, Ravensbruck. Ravensbruck By Sarah Helm
Francis Garcia and Sal Basille, Staten Italy Staten Italy By Francis Garcia and Sal Basille
Bryan Voltaggio and Michael Voltaggio, VOLT Ink. VOLT Ink. By Bryan Voltaggio and Michael Voltaggio
Edward Ball, The Inventor and the Tycoon The Inventor and the Tycoon By Edward Ball
The Sweet Hell Inside. The Sweet Hell Inside By Edward Ball
Garrett Peck, Walt Whitman in Washington, D.C. Walt Whitman in Washington, D.C. By Garrett Peck
Huan Hsu, The Porcelain Thief The Porcelain Thief By Huan Hsu
The Mystery Writers of America Cookbook The Mystery Writers of America Cookbook Edited By Kate White
The Bergdorf Goodman Cookbook The Bergdorf Goodman Cookbook By Laura Silverman
Jonathan D. Sarna and Benjamin Shapell, Lincoln and the Jews Lincoln and the Jews By Jonathan D. Sarna and Benjamin Shapell
Zina Kramer, Hugging Grandma Hugging Grandma By Zina Kramer
Helen Macdonald, H Is For Hawk H Is For Hawk By Helen Macdonald
Charles Baxter, There's Something I Want To Do There’s Something I Want You To Do By Charles Baxter
Per Petterson, Ashes In My Mouth, Sand In My Shoes Ashes In My Mouth, Sand In My Shoes By Per Petterson
Per Petterson, I Refuse I Refuse By Per Petterson
Dennis Handler, We Are Pirates. We Are Pirates By Daniel Handler
Elizabeth Bradley, New York. New York By Elizabeth Bradley
David W. Johnson and Roger T. Johnson, Cooperation and Competition Cooperation and Competition By David W. Johnson and Roger T. Johnson
Robert Axelrod, The Complexity of Cooperation. The Complexity of Cooperation By Robert Axelrod
Margaret Mead, Cooperation and Competition Among Primitive Peoples Cooperation and Competition Among Primitive Peoples By Margaret Mead
Wes Moore, The Work The Work By Wes Moore
James Wright. Those Who Have Borne the Battle Those Who Have Borne the Battle By James Wright
Naomi S. Baron, Words on Screen Words onscreen By Naomi S. Baron
Tim Johnston, Irish Girl Irish Girl By Tim Johnston
Michael Meyer, In Manchuria In Manchuria By Michael Meyer
Rosana Y. Wan, The Culinary Lives of John and Abigail Adams The Culinary Lives of John and Abigail Adams By Rosana Y. Wan
Tom Davis, Martin Frost, and Richard Cohen, The Partisan Divide The Partisan Divide By Tom Davis, Martin Frost, and Richard Cohen
Cass Sunstein, Wiser Wiser By Cass Sunstein
Jan Jarboe Russell, The Train to Crystal City. The Train to Crystal City By Jan Jarboe Russell
Stewart O'Nan, West of Sunset West of Sunset By Stewart O’Nan
Thomas Pierce, Hall of Small Mammals Hall of Small Mammals By Thomas Pierce
Peter Carey, Amnesia Amnesia By Peter Carey
Cal Peternell, Twelve Recipes Twelve Recipes By Cal Peternell
Eyal Oren, Wednesdays in Marblehead Wednesdays in Marblehead By Eyal Oren
Stephania Stiavetti and Garrett McCord, Melt. Melt By Stephania Stiavetti and Garrett McCord
How to Eataly by Oscar Farinetti How To Eataly By Oscar Farinetti
Stanley Boucher, Watcher in Black Watcher in Black By Stanley Boucher
Paolo Lazzarin, One Hundred and One Beautiful Small Towns in Italy One Hundred and One Beautiful Small Towns in Italy By Paolo Lazzarin
Shelby Stephenson, Shub's Cooking Shub’s Cooking By Shelby Stephenson
Chop, Sizzle, Wow Chop, Sizzle, Wow By The Silver Spoon
Stephanie Stepanek and Frederick Ilchman, Goya Goya By Stephanie Stepanek and Frederick Ilchman
William Joyce, The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore By William Joyce
Carrie Brown, The Last First Day The Last First Day By Carrie Brown
Julie Hall, Inventions That Didn't Change The World Inventions That Didn’t Change The World By Julie Hall
Daniel H. Pink, Drive Drive By Daniel H. Pink
Caitlin Doughty, Smoke Gets In Your Eyes Smoke Gets In Your Eyes By Caitlin Doughty
Libby H. O'Connell, The American Plate The American Plate By Libby H. O’Connell
David Wolpe, David David By David Wolpe
Heather Greene, Whiskey Distilled Whisk(e)y Distilled By Heather Greene
Richard McGuire, Here Here By Richard McGuire
David Kaplan, Death & Co. Death & Co. By David Kaplan
Nell Zink, The Wallcreeper The Wallcreeper By Nell Zink
Denise Pappas, John Simmons John Simmons By Denise Doherty Pappas
Coleen Christian Burke, Christmas With the First Ladies Christmas With the First Ladies By Coleen Christian Burke
Thomas Dumm, My Father's House. My Father’s House By Thomas Dumm
Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg, How Google Works How Google Works By Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg
Glenn Rolnick, Carmine's Celebrates Carmine’s Celebrates By Glenn Rolnick
Karen Joy Fowler, We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves By Karen Joy Fowler
Stanley Tucci, The Tucci Table The Tucci Table By Stanley Tucci
Judith Jones, Love Me, Feed Me Love Me, Feed Me By Judith Jones
Libby H. O'Connell, The American Plate The American Plate By Libby H. O’Connell
Ha Jin, A Map of Betrayal A Map of Betrayal By Ha Jin
George W. Bush, 41 41 By George W. Bush
Marilyn Johnson, Lives in Ruins Lives in Ruins By Marilyn Johnson
Natalie Dupree, Shrimp and Grits Shrimp and Grits By Nathalie Dupree
Ron Rash, Something Rich and Strange Something Rich and Strange By Ron Rash
Richard Ford, Let Me Be Frank With You Let Me Be Frank With You By Richard Ford
Walter Isaacson, The Innovators The Innovators By Walter Isaacson
Jill Lepore, The Secret History of Wonder Woman The Secret History of Wonder Woman By Jill Lepore
Ludmilla Petrushevskaya, There Once Lived a Mother Who Loved Her Children Until They Moved There Once Lived a Mother Who Loved Her Children, Until They Moved Back In By Ludmilla Petrushevskaya
Robert M. Poole, Section 60 Section 60 By Robert M. Poole
Lonna Baum, Monty the Menace Monty the Menace By Lonna Baum
Thug Kitchen Thug Kitchen
Marilynne Robinson, Lila Lila By Marilynne Robinson
Sam Roberts, A History of New York in 101 Objects A History of New York in 101 Objects By Sam Roberts
Baked Occasions Baked Occasions By Matt Lewis
Colm Toibin, Nora Webster Nora Webster By Colm Toibin
Frederic J. Frommer, You Gotta Have Heart You Gotta Have Heart By Frederic J. Frommer
Dash Shaw, Doctors Doctors By Dash Shaw
Tim Gunn, Gunn's Golden Rules Gunn’s Golden Rules By Tim Gunn
Laird Hunt, Neverhome Neverhome By Laird Hunt
Robert Darnton, Censors At Work Censors At Work By Robert Darnton
hummingbirds, ronald orenstein Hummingbirds By Ronald Orenstein
Duke Sucks by Reed Tucker and Andy Bagwell Duke Sucks By Reed Tucker and Andy Bagwell
Margaret Atwood, Stone Mattress Stone Mattress By Margaret Atwood
Karen Abbott, Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy. Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy By Karen Abbott
Italo Calvino, Into the War Into the War By Italo Calvino
Keith Donohue, The Boy who Drew Monsters The Boy Who Drew Monsters By Keith Donohue
Roddy Doyle, Two Pints Two Pints By Roddy Doyle
Edward Baptist, The Half Has Never Been Told The Half Has Never Been Told By Edward E. Baptist
Cass Sunstein, Conspiracy Theories and Other Dangerous Ideas Conspiracy Theories and Other Dangerous Ideas By Cass R. Sunstein
Rebecca J. Scott and Jean M. Hebard, Freedom Papers Freedom Papers By Rebecca J. Scott and Jean M. Hebrard
Gregory Maguire, Egg + Spoon Egg & Spoon By Gregory Maguire
Randall Wilhelm, ed. The Ron Rash Reader The Ron Rash Reader Edited by Randall Wilhelm
Matthew Thomas, We Are Not Ourselves We Are Not Ourselves By Matthew Thomas
Ian McEwan, The Children Act The Children Act By Ian McEwan
Joseph O'Neill, The Dog. The Dog By Joseph O’Neill
Robert C. Roberts and W. Jay Wood, Intellectual Virtues Intellectual Virtues By Robert C. Roberts and W. Jay Wood
Perre Coleman Magness, Pimento Cheese Pimento Cheese By Perre Coleman Magness
Lynne Cheney, James Madison James Madison By Lynne Cheney
Jules, Feiffer, Kill My Mother Kill My Mother By Jules Feiffer
Ann Hood, The Italian Wife An Italian Wife By Ann Hood
Steve Berry, The Lincoln Myth The Lincoln Myth By Steve Berry
Mary Gordon, The Liar's Wife The Liar’s Wife By Mary Gordon
Dava Guerin and Kevin Ferris, Unbreakable Bonds Unbreakable Bonds By Dava Guerin and Kevin Ferris
John W. Dean. The Nixon Defense. The Nixon Defense By John W. Dean
Douglas Brinkley and Luke Nichter. The Nixon Tapes. The Nixon Tapes By Douglas Brinkley and Luke Nichter
Martin Windrow. the Owl Who Liked Sitting On Caesar. The Owl Who Liked Sitting On Caesar By Martin Windrow
Roddy Doyle. Two Pints. Two Pints By Roddy Doyle
Alan Lightman. The Accidental Universe. The Accidental Universe By Alan Lightman
Richard Flanagan. The Narrow Road to the Deep North. The Narrow Road to the Deep North By Richard Flanagan
Hampton Sides. In the Kingdom of Ice. In the Kingdom of Ice By Hampton Sides
Nell Irvin Painter. The History of White People. The History of White People By Nell Irvin Painter
Paul Bucose, The Complete Bucose- The Complete Recipes By Paul Bocuse
David Alan Brown, The Secret of the Gondola The Secret of the Gondola By David Alan Brown
John Taylor Jackson Place Jackson Place By John H. Taylor
Alan Taylor, The Internal Enemy The Internal Enemy By Alan Taylor
Patrick Symmes, The Boys From Dolores The Boys From Dolores By Patrick Symmes
cornbread-nation-book-cover-1 Cornbread Nation 1: The Best of Southern Food Writing Edited by John Egerton
cornbread-nation-book-cover-2 Cornbread Nation 2: The United States of Barbecue Edited by Lolis Eric Elie
cornbread-nation-book-cover-3 Cornbread Nation 3: Foods of the Mountain South Edited by Ronni Lundy
cornbread-nation-book-cover-4 Cornbread Nation 4: The Best of Southern Food Writing Edited by John Shelton Reed and Dale Volberg Reed
Adobe Photoshop PDF Cornbread Nation 5: The Best of Southern Food Writing Edited by Fred W. Sauceman
cornbread-nation-book-cover-6 Cornbread Nation 6: The Best of Southern Food Writing Edited by Brett Anderson
cornbread-nation-book-cover-7 Cornbread Nation 7: The Best of Southern Food Writing Edited by Francis Lam
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Mark Haddon, The Red House The Red House By Mark Haddon
Phil Klay, Redeployment Redeployment By Phil Klay
James Scott, The Kept. The Kept By James Scott
james webb, I heard my country calling I Heard My Country Calling By James Webb
larry mcmurtry the last kind words saloon The Last Kind Words Saloon By Larry McMurtry
Martha Long, Ma, I'm Getting Meself a New Mammy Ma, I’m Gettin Meself a New Mammy By Martha Long
Lynn Cheney, James Madison James Madison By Lynne Cheney
Michael Cunningham, The Snow Queen The Snow Queen By Michael Cunningham
Antoinette Portis, Froodle Froodle By Antoinette Portis
Rivka Galchen, American Innovations American Innovations By Rivka Galchen
Roz Chast, Can't We Talk About Something More Pleasant Can’t We Talk About Something More Pleasant? By Roz Chast
Ruth Reichl, Delicious! Delicious! By Ruth Reichl
David McCullough Jr., You Are Not Special You Are Not Special By David McCullough, Jr.
Anthony Doerr, All the Light We Cannot See All the Light We Cannot See By Anthony Doerr
Colson Whitehead, The Noble Hustle The Noble Hustle By Colson Whitehead
Cesare Casella, Gusto Gusto By Cesare Casella
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All I Have in This World by Michael Parker All I Have In This World By Michael Parker
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Ben Fountain Brief Encounters With Che Guevera Brief Encounters With Che Guevara By Ben Fountain
Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk By Ben Fountain
Wiley Cash This Dark Road To Mercy This Dark Road To Mercy By Wiley Cash
A Land More Kind Than Home A Land More Kind Than Home By Wiley Cash
Emma Donoghue Frog Music Frog Music By Emma Donoghue
Cokie Roberts Founding Mothers Remembering the Ladies children's book Founding Mothers: Remembering the Ladies By Cokie Roberts
Todd S. Purdum An Idea Whose Time Has Come An Idea Whose Time Has Come By Todd S. Purdum
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Iraq's Last Jews. Tamar Morad Iraq’s Last Jews By Tamar Morad, Dennis Shasha and Robert Shasha
Danah Boyd, It's Complicated It’s Complicated By Danah Boyd
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Laura Lippman, After I'm Gone After I’m Gone By Laura Lippman
Bar La Florida Cocktails Ba La Florida Cocktails By Ross Bolton
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Mike Milotte, Banished Babies Banished Babies By Mike Milotte
Solomon Northrup, Twelve Years a Slave Twelve Years a Slave By Solomon Northup
Cokie Roberts, Founding Mothers Founding Mothers By Cokie Roberts
Brad Meltzer, I Am Abraham Lincoln I am Abraham Lincoln By Brad Meltzer
Brad Meltzer, I Am Amelia Earhart I am Amelia Earhart By Brad Meltzer
Jim McCann, Talk Is (Not) Cheap Talk is (Not!) Cheap By Jim McCann
Nick Kotz, The Harness Maker's Dream The Harness Maker’s Dream By Nick Kotz
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Daniel Coleman. Focus Focus By Daniel Coleman
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Russell Banks. A Permanent Member of the Family A Permanent Member of the Family By Russell Banks
Linda Hanley Finigan. Love and War Love and War By Linda Hanley Finigan
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Ben Urwind. The Collaboration The Collaboration By Ben Urwind
Richard Kurin. The Smithsonian's History of America in 101 Objects. The Smithsonian’s History of America in 101 Objects By Richard Kurin
Samuel Eliot Morrison. Old Bruin Old Bruin By Samuel Eliot Morrison
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Sonia Sotomayor. My Beloved World. My Beloved World By Sonia Sotomayor
Sonia Sotomayor. My Beloved World. Let Freedom Ring By Kitty Kelly
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Mary Louise Roberts. What Soldiers Do. What Soldiers Do By Mary Louise Roberts
John Lewis. March March By John Lewis
Lucy G. Barber. Marching on Washington. Marching on Washington By Lucy G. Barber
Thomas Harding, Hanns and Rudolf Hanns and Rudolf By Thomas Harding
David Hanks, Louis Comfort Tiffany Louis Comfort Tiffany By David Hanks
Tom Perotta, Nine Inches. Nine Inches By Tom Perrotta
Andrew C. Isenberg, Wyatt Earp Wyatt Earp By Andrew C. Isenberg
Jonathan Lethem, Dissident Gardens Dissident Gardens By Jonathan Lethem
Alice McDermott, Someone Someone By Alice McDermott
Carla Kaplan, Miss Anne In Harlem Miss Anne in Harlem By Carla Kaplan
Paul Harding, Enon Enon By Paul Harding
Andre Dubus, Dirty Love. Dirty Love By Andre Dubus III
Ian Frazier, The Cursing Mommy's Book of Days. The Cursing Mommy’s Book of Days By Ian Frazier
Nicholas Basbanes, On Paper On Paper By Nicholas A. Basbanes
Lemony Snicket, When Did You See Her Last “When Did You See Her Last?” By Lemony Snicket
Debbie Wassermann Schultz, For the Next Generation For the Next Generation By Debbie Wasserman Schultz
William Conescu, Kara Was Here. Kara Was Here By William Conescu
Historic Kentucky Kitchen Scaggs and McGraw The Historic Kentucky Kitchen By Deirdre A. Scaggs and Andrew W. McGraw
Leon Leyson, The Boy On the Wooden Box The Boy on the Wooden Box By Leon Leyson
Wilton Barnhardt, Lookaway, Lookaway Lookaway, Lookaway By Wilton Barnhardt
Scott Donaldson, Death of a Rebel Death of a Rebel: The Charlie Fenton Story By Scott Donaldson
Robert Gibbons, Traveling Companion Traveling Companion By Robert Gibbons
Alan Gurganus, Lost Souls Local Souls By Allan Gurganus
Matthew Westfall, The Devil's Causeway The Devil’s Causeway By Matthew Westfall
James Agee, Cotton Tenants Cotton Tenants By James Agee
Josh Hanagarne, The World's Strongest Librarian The World’s Strongest Librarian By Josh Hanagarne
David Mason, The Pope's Bookbinder The Pope’s Bookbinder By David Mason
Marc Simpson, Winslow Homer Winslow Homer By Marc Simpson
Eric Draper, Front Row Seat Front Row Seat By Eric Draper
Barbara Bush, Reflections Reflections By Barbara Bush
The Batali Brothers Cookbook The Batali Brothers Cookbook By Benno and Leo Batali
Rose Gray and Ruth Rogers, The River Cafe Classic Italian Cookbook The River Cafe Classic Italian Cookbook By Rose Gray and Ruth Rogers
Franny's Simple Seasonal Italian Cookbook Franny’s Simple Seasonal Italian Cookbook By Andrew Feinberg
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Ethan Hauser, The Measures Between Us The Measures Between Us By Ethan Hauser
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Audrey Niffenegger, Raven Girl Raven Girl By Audrey Niffenegger
Stephen Puleo, The Caning The Caning By Stephen Puleo
Susan Landau, Surveillance or Security Surveillance or Security By Susan Landau
I Can’t Complain By Elinor Lipman
The View from Penthouse B By Elinor Lipman
Dana Priest and William M. Arkin, Top Secret America Top Secret America By Dana Priest and William M. Arkin
Gulp By Mary Roach
George W. Emery, In Their Own Words In Their Own Words By George W. Emery
Death Angel By Linda Fairstein
Colum McCann, Transatlantic Transatlantic By Colum McCann
Let's Explore Diabetes with Owls by David Sedaris Let’s Explore Diabetes With Owls By David Sedaris
Benjamin Alire Saenz, Everything Begins and Ends At the Kentucky Club Everything Begins and Ends At the Kentucky Club By Benjamin Alire Saenz
Valerie Harper. I, Rhoda. I, Rhoda By Valerie Harper
Lemony Snicket. The Dark The Dark By Lemony Snicket
Brad Meltzer. Heroes For My Son Heroes For My Son By Brad Meltzer
Brad Meltzer. Heroes For My daughter Heroes For My Daughter By Brad Meltzer
Green Arrow The Archer's Quest Green Arrow: The Archer’s Quest By Brad Meltzer
David Hackett Fischer. Albion's Seed. Albion’s Seed By David Hackett Fischer
Book Review The Fifth Assassin The Fifth Assassin By Brad Meltzer
Carey Maloney, Stuff Stuff By Carey Maloney
Ellen Lawson Smugglers, Bootleggers, and Scofflaws New York City and Prohibition Smugglers, Bootleggers, and Scofflaws: New York City and Prohibition By Ellen Lawson
Ann Kirschner, Lady At the OK Corral Lady at the O.K. Corral By Ann Kirschner
Thomas Keller, Bouchon Bakery Bouchon Bakery By Thomas Keller
Ann Hood, The Obituary Writer The Obituary Writer By Ann Hood
Frank Keating, George George By Frank Keating
Lemony Snicket, Who Could That Be At This Hour “Who Could That Be at This Hour?” By Lemony Snicket
Robert Gibbons, Olson-Still Crossroad Olson/Still Crossroad By Robert Gibbons
Michael L. Gillette, Lady Bird Johnson An Oral History Lady Bird Johnson: An Oral History By Michael L. Gillette
Amy Azzarito, Past and Present Past and Present By Amy Azzarito
Ron Rash, Nothing Gold Can Stay Nothing Gold Can Stay By Ron Rash
Ludmilla Petrushevskaya There Once Lived a Girl Who Seduced Her Sister’s Husband, and He Hanged Himself By Ludmilla Petrushevskaya
Gavin Newsom, Citizenville Citizenville By Gavin Newsom
Jim Downs, Sick From Freedom Sick From Freedom By Jim Downs
James McQuivey, Digital Disruption Digital Disruption By James McQuivey
John Marks, Fangland Fangland By John Marks
Reynolds Price, Midstream Midstream By Reynolds Price
Rachel Swarns, American Tapestry American Tapestry By Rachel Swarns
Richard Russo, Elsewhere Elsewhere By Richard Russo
Jonah Lehrer, Imagine Imagine By Jonah Lehrer
Ross King, Leonardo and the Last Supper Leonardo and the Last Supper By Ross King
Bernd Heinrich, Life Everlasting Life Everlasting By Bernd Heinrich
Sean Pidgeon, Finding Camlann Finding Camlann By Sean Pidgeon
Carlos Ruiz Zafon, The Shadow of the Wind The Shadow of the Wind By Carlos Ruiz Zafon
James Oakes, Freedom National Freedom National By James Oakes
Will Barnet, My Father's House My Father’s House By Will Barnet
George Howe Colt, Brothers Brothers By George Howe Colt
Reflections of Two Craftsmen Sam Ellenport and Ron Gordon Reflections on Two Craftsman By Sam Ellenport and Ron Gordon
Johannes Grave, Caspar David Friedrich Caspar David Friedrich By Johannes Grave
Allan Gurganus, White People White People By Allan Gurganus
Richard Kurin, Madcap May Madcap May By Richard Kurin
Lemony Snickett, Who Could That Be At This Hour “Who Could That Be At This Hour?” By Lemony Snickett
Richard Tedlow, Giants of Enterprise Giants of Enterprise By Richard Tedlow
Colm Toibin, The Testament of Mary The Testament of Mary By Colm Toibin
Jacob Tomsky, Heads in Beds Heads in Beds By Jacob Tomsky
Calvin Trillin, Dogfight Dogfight By Calvin Trillin
H.W. Brand, The Man Who Saved the Union The Man Who Saved the Union By H.W. Brands
Mark Helprin, In Sunlight and In Shadow In Sunlight and In Shadow By Mark Helprin
Dennis Lehane, Live by Night Live by Night By Dennis Lehane
Will Schwalbe, The End of Your Life Book Club The End of Your Life Book Club By Will Schwalbe
Walter Stahr. Seward Lincoln's Indispensable Man Seward: Lincoln’s Indispensable Man By Walter Stahr
J.K. Rowling. The Casual Vacancy The Casual Vacancy By J.K. Rowling
David G. Coleman. The Fourteenth Day The Fourteenth Day By David G. Coleman
Listening In The Secret White House Recordings of John F. Kennedy Listening In: The Secret White House Recordings of John F. Kennedy By Ted Widmer
In Spite of the Double Drawbacks African American Women in History and Culture. In Spite of the Double Drawbacks: African American Women in History and Culture By Lopez D. Matthews, Jr.
Stray Decorum Stray Decorum By George Singleton
A.M. Homes, May We Be Forgiven. May We Be Forgiven By A.M. Homes
Maya Jasanoff, Liberty's Exiles. Liberty’s Exiles By Maya Jasanoff
Elinor Lipman, Tweet Land of Liberty. Tweet Land of Liberty By Elinor Lipman
Thomas J. Craughwell. Creme Brulee Creme Brulee By Thomas J. Craughwell
Jan Blodgett and Ralpy B. Levering. One Town, Many Voices. One Town, Many Voices By Jan Blodgett and Ralph B. Levering
Kitty Kelley. Capturing Camelot. Capturing Camelot By Kitty Kelley
Nigel Slater. The Kitchen Diaries II. The Kitchen Diaries II By Nigel Slater
In Pursuit of a Vision. American Antiquarian Society. In Pursuit of a Vision By American Antiquarian Society
Roddy Doyle. A Greyhoud of a Girl. A Greyhound of a Girl By Roddy Doyle
Alexander Tsesis, For Liberty and Equality For Liberty and Equality: The Life and Times of the Declaration of Independence By Alexander Tsesis
Linda Fairstein, Night Watch Night Watch By Linda Fairstein
Mark Harril Saunders, Ministers of Fire Ministers of Fire By Mark Harril Saunders
A.J. Jacobs, Drop Dead Healthy Drop Dead Healthy By A.J. Jacobs
Daniel Handler and Maira Kalman, Why We Broke Up Why We Broke Up By Daniel Handler and Maira Kalman
Mitch Yokelson, Grant Savior Of the Union Grant: Savior of the Union By Mitchell Yockelson
Frank Keating, George George By Frank Keating
Sebastian Junger, War War By Sebastian Junger
John Charles Chasteen, Americanos Americanos By John Charles Chasteen
Kevin Kruse, Employee Engagement 2.0 Employee Engagement 2.0 By Kevin Kruse
Allen G. Guelzo, Fateful Lightning Fateful Lightening By Allen G. Guelzo
Daniel Duane, How To Cook Like a Man How to Cook Like a Man By Daniel Duane
Bob Spitz, Dearie Dearie: The Remarkable Life of Julia Child By Bob Spitz
Nicholson Baker, The Way the World Works The Way the World Works By Nicholson Baker
David Rakoff, Half Empty Half Empty By David Rakoff
Dining with the Washingtons, Stephen A. McLeod Dining with the Washingtons: Historic Recipes, Entertaining, and Hospitality from Mount Vernon Edited By Stephen A. McLeod
Arun Chaudhary, First Cameraman First Cameraman By Arun Chaudhary
Nell Freudenberger, The Newlyweds The Newlyweds By Nell Freudenberger
W. Jeffrey Bolster, Black Jacks African American Seaman Black Jacks: African American Seamen in the Age of Sail By W. Jeffrey Bolster
Joel Finsel, Cocktails and Conversations Cocktails & Conversations By Joel Finsel
David Margolick, Elizabeth and Hazel Two Women of Little Rock Elizabeth and Hazel: Two Women of Little Rock By David Margolick
Peter H. Diamondis and Steven Kotler, Abundance The Future is Better Than You Think Abundance: The Future is Better Than You Think By Peter H. Diamondis and Steven Kotler
Andrew Lih, The Wikipedia Revolution The Wikipedia Revolution By Andrew Lih
Lee Rainie and Barry Wellman, Networked The New Social Operating System Networked: The New Social Operating System By Lee Rainie and Barry Wellman
Allen C. Guelzo, Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation By Allen C. Guelzo
Irving In One Person In One Person By John Irving
Williiam Meade Prince, The Southern Part of Heaven The Southern Part of Heaven By Williiam Meade Prince
Alivia Tagliaferri, Beyond the Wall The Journey Home Beyond the Wall: The Journey Home By Alivia Tagliaferri
Eliot A. Cohen, Conquered Into Liberty Conquered Into Liberty By Eliot A. Cohen
A.J. Jacobs, Drop Dead Healthy Drop Dead Healthy By A.J. Jacobs
Alison Bechdel, Are You My Mother Are You My Mother? By Alison Bechdel
The Red House By Mark Haddon
Scott Keller and Colin Price, Beyond Performance How Great Organizations Build Ultimate Beyond Performance: How Great Organizations Build Ultimate Competitive Advantage By Scott Keller and Colin Price
Richard Ford, Canada Canada By Richard Ford
Michelle Obama, American Grown American Grown By Michelle Obama
Andrew Miller, Pure Pure By Andrew Miller
Central park Central Park Edited by Andrew Blauner
Joy A. Kiser, America's Other Audubon America’s Other Audubon By Joy A. Kiser
Nigel Slater, Ripe Ripe By Nigel Slater
Why Be Happy When You Could be Normal? By Jeanette Winterson
Suddenly, A Knock On the Door By Etgar Keret
George F. Kennan By John Lewis Gaddis
The Worst Hard Time By Timothy Egan
The Central Park Five By Sarah Burns
The Cove By Ron Rash
Cita Stelzer, Dinner With Churchill Dinner With Churchill By Cita Stelzer
Edward St Aubyn, At Last At Last By Edward St Aubyn
Jonathan Galassi, Left-Handed Left-handed By Jonathan Galassi
Mark Updegrove, Indomitable Will LBJ in the Presidency Indomitable Will: LBJ in the Presidency By Mark K. Updegrove
Ansley Herring Wegner, Phantom Pain Phantom Pain By Ansley Herring Wegner
World War II Remembered. Residents of Kendal at Hanover World War II Remembered By Residents of Kendal at Hanover
Jonathan D. Sarna, When General Grant Expelled the Jews When General Grant Expelled the Jews By Jonathan D. Sarna
John D. Broadwater. USS Monitor A Historic Ship Competes Its Final Voyage USS Monitor: A Historic Ship Completes Its Final Voyage By John D. Broadwater
Megan Mayhew Bergman, Birds of Lesser Paradise Birds of Lesser Paradise By Megan Mayhew Bergman
Matthew Pearl, The Technologists The Technologists By Matthew Pearl
Jean Strouse, Alice James Alice James By Jean Strouse
David Javerbaum, The Last Testament The Last Testament: A Memoir by God With David Javerbaum
Youme Landowne and Anthony Horton, Pitch Black Pitch Black: Civil Rights and Civil Liberties for All By Youme Landowne and Anthony Horton
Runaway Slaves: Rebels on the Plantation By John Hope Franklin and Loren Schweninger
Stay Awake By Dan Chaon
What We Talk About When We Talk About Anne Frank By Nathan Englander
The Odds By Stewart O’Nan
Taken By Robert Crais
Jack Holmes & His Friend By Edmund White
Mr g By Alan Lightman
Steve Jobs By Walter Isaacson
The Lives of Talleyrand By Crane Brinton
Hope: A Tragedy By Shalom Auslander
Extra Virginity: The Sublime and Scandalous World of Olive Oil By Tom Mueller
Talleyrand By Duff Cooper
Divine Art, Infernal Machine: The Reception of Printing in the West from First Impressions to the Sense of an Ending By Elizabeth Eisenstein
Spies, Black Ties, and Mango Pies: the CIA Cookbook
The Practice of Adaptive Leadership By Ronald Heifetz, Alexander Grashow, Marty Linsky
The Commoner By John Burnham Schwartz
Too Big to Know By David Weinberger
Salvage the Bones By Jesmyn Ward
The Prague Cemetery By Umberto Eco
Private Bodies, Public Texts: Race, Gender, and a Cultural BioethicsBy Karla FC Holloway
Binocular Vision By Edith Pearlman
The Family Fang By Kevin Wilson
Reservation Road By John Burnham Schwartz
Northwest Corner By John Burnham Schwartz
The Portable Son By Barrett Hathcock
It’s Fine By Me By Per Petterson
The Conference of the Birds By Peter Sis
This Time By Robert Gibbons
Now You See It By Cathy N. Davidson
Jack Kennedy: Elusive Hero By Chris Matthews
Nanjing Requiem By Ha Jin
Midnight Rising By Tony Horwitz
The Assassin’s Accomplice: Mary Surratt and the Plot to Kill Abraham Lincoln By Kate Clifford Larson
The Trial: The Assassination of President Lincoln and the Trial of the Conspirators By Edward Steers, Jr.
Pulphead Essays By John Jeremiah Sullivan
Public Parts: How Sharing in the Digital Age Improves the Way We Work and Live By Jeff Jarvis
Ragnarok By A.S. Byatt
The Inspiring Leader By John Zenger
Great by Choice By Jim Collins and Morten T. Hansen
A Sweet World of White House Desserts By Roland Mesnier
Zone One By Colson Whitehead
Ten Letters: The Stories Americans Tell Their President By Eli Saslow
God Bless America By Steve Almond
Toast By Nigel Slater
Mending By Sallie Bingham
Design Sponge at Home By Grace Bonney
Feeding on Dreams By Ariel Dorfman
The Unauthorized Autobiography By Julian Assange
We Others By Steven Millhauser
Bring Your Legs With You By Darrell Spencer
I Married You For Happiness By Lily Tuck
The Family Meal By Ferren Adria
Edible Brooklyn: The Cookbook
Forging the Shield: Eisenhower and National Security for the 21st Century By Dennis E. Showalter
Touching History By Lynn Spencer
Processing the Past: Contesting Authority in History and the Archives By Francis X. Blouin Jr. and William G. Rosenberg
 Cover of "The Progress Principle" The Progress Principle: Using Small Wins to Ignite Joy, Engagement, and Creativity at Work By Teresa Amabile and Steven Kramer
 Cover of "Driving the Body Back" Driving the Body Back By Mary Swander
In My Time By Dick Cheney
The Black Hand: Terror by Letter in Chicago By Robert M. Lombardo
Crimes in Southern Indiana Stories By Frank Bill
White Ravens By Owen Sheers
The Leftovers By Tom Perrotta
Owen Sheers Resistance Resistance By Owen Sheers
Owen Sheers The Blue Book The Blue Book By Owen Sheers
Owen Sheers Skirrid Hill Skirrid Hill By Owen Sheers
Gail Halvorsen The Berlin Candy Bomber The Berlin Candy Bomber By Gail S. Halvorsen
The Chesire Cheese Cat The Chesire Cheese Cat By Carmen Agra Deedy and Randall Wright
Jonah Lehrer How We Decide How We Decide By Jonah Lehrer
Roland Merullo The Talk Funny Girl The Talk-Funny Girl By Roland Merullo
Ramson Riggs Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children By Ransom Riggs
Kathy Reichs Flash and Bones Flash and Bones By Kathy Reichs
Laura Lippman the most dangerous thing The Most Dangerous Thing By Laura Lippman
Holloway Prive Bodies Public Texts Private Bodies, Public Texts By Karla F C Holloway
The Introvert Advantage By Marti Olsen Laney
The Happiness Advantage By Shawn Achor
In Defense of Flogging By Peter Moskos
House of Holes By Nicholson Baker
Carter Beats the Devil By Glen David Gold
Microstyle: The Art of Writing Little By Christopher Johnson
The Myths of Innovation By Scott Berkun
Emus Loose in Egnar By Judy Muller
The Rites & Wrongs of Janice Wills By Joanna Pearson
Bed By David Whitehouse
Rhythm of Desire and Resistance By Robert Gibbons
Measure of the Earth By Larrie D. Ferreiro
The Boston Chef’s Table By Clara Silverstein
A White House Garden Cookbook By Clara Silverstein
Rocks and Shoals Rocks and Shoals: Order and Discipline in the Old Navy, 1880-1861 By James E. Valle
Delivering Happiness Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose By Tony Hsieh
The Lewis and Clark Cookbook The Lewis and Clark Cookbook By Leslie Mansfield
Original Cowboy Cookbook Original Cowboy Cookbook By Wild Wes Medley
A World On Fire A World on Fire By Amanda Foreman
Jagged Timeline by Robert Gibbons Jagged Timeline By Robert Gibbons
Boredom: A Lively History by Peter Toohey Boredom: A Lively History By Peter Toohey
Orientation by Daniel Orozco Orientation and Other Short Stories By Daniel Orozco
Reading My Father by Alexander Styron Reading My Father By Alexandra Styron
The Granta Book of the Irish Short Story by Anne Enright The Granta Book of the Irish Short Story By Anne Enright
Book Love Book Love Edited By James Charlton and Bill Henderson
Centuries of June Centuries of June By Keith Donohue
Ronald Reagan, The Notes Ronald Reagan, The Notes: Ronald Reagan’s Private Collection of Stories and Wisdom Edited By Douglas Brinkley
A Great Improvisation A Great Improvisation: Franklin, France, and the Birth of America By Stacy Schiff
Made in Spain Made in Spain By Jose Andreas
Tapas: A Taste of Spain in America Tapas: A Taste of Spain in America By Jose Andreas
Quiches, Kugels, and Couscous Quiches, Kugels, and Couscous By Joan Nathan
The Good Stuff Cookbook The Good Stuff Cookbook By Spike Mendelsohn
America Eats! America Eats! By Pat Willard
The Nixons: A Family Portrait The Nixons: A Family Portrait By Ed Nixon
Forgotten Patriots: African American and American Indian Patriots in the Revolutionary War Forgotten Patriots: African American and American Indian Patriots in the Revolutionary War By National Society Daughters of the American Revolution
Henry Shawah: Goldsmith and Sculptor Henry Shawah: Goldsmith and Sculptor By Henry Shawah
The Watery Part of the World by Michael Parker The Watery Part of the World By Michael Parker
The Great Night by Chris Adrian The Great Night By Chris Adrian
Many Unhappy Returns by Charles O. Rossotti Many Unhappy Returns By Charles O. Rossotti
Better by Mistake by Alina Tugend Better By Mistake By Alina Tugend
doyle-bullfighting1 Bullfighting By Roddy Doyle
dubus-townie1 Townie: A Memoir By Andre Dubus III
doctorow-all-the-time1 All the Time in the World By E.L. Doctorow
broadside1 20 Years of Broadside By Jeff Bacon
goodheart-18611 1861 By Adam Goodheart
haggadah1 Our Haggadah: Uniting Traditions for Interfaith Families By Cokie and Steve Roberts
kegan-immunity-to-change1 Immunity to Change By Robert Kegan and Lisa Laskow Lahey
kennedy-walks-in-beauty1 She Walks in Beauty: A Woman’s Journey Through Poems By Caroline Kennedy, Compiler
rath-strengths-based-leader1 Strengths Based Leadership By Tom Rath and Barrie Conchie
georgia-bottoms-childress1 Georgia Bottoms By Mark Childress
macarthur-yockelson1 MacArthur By Mitchell Yockelson
gallagher-union-war1 The Union War By Gary W. Gallagher
War, Technology, and Experience Aboard the USS Monitor War, Technology, and Experience Aboard the USS Monitor By David A. Mindell
Mind and Hand: The Birth of MIT Mind and Hand: The Birth of MIT By Julius A. Stratton and Loretta H. Mannix
Funeral for a Dog Funeral for a Dog By Thomas Pletzinger
Volt Volt By Alan Heathcock
Moonwalking with Einstein Moonwalking with Einstein By Joshua Foer
Almost Family Almost a Family By John Darnton
William Barton Rogers and the Idea of M.I.T. William Barton Rogers and the Idea of M.I.T By A.J. Angulo
Against All Odds Against All Odds By Scott Brown
Panorama Panorama By H.G. Adler
The Journey The Journey By H.G. Adler
Swamplandia Swamplandia! By Karen Russell
The Hare with Amber Eyes The Hare with Amber Eyes: Hidden Inheritance By Edmund De Waal
thinking-leadership Thinking about Leadership By Nannerl O. Keohane
art-of-war The Art of War By Sun Tzu. Translated by Thomas Cleary
illumination The Illumination By Kevin Brockmeier
optimists-tour-future An Optimist’s Tour of the Future By Mark Stevenson
lincoln-3d1 Lincoln in 3-D By Bob Zeller and John J. Richter
leading-change Leading Change By John P. Kotter
controlling-the-past Controlling the Past: Documenting Society and Institutions. Essays in Honor of Helen Willa Samuels Edited by Terry Cook
onamericansoil On American Soil By Jack Hamann
deepwater1 Deep Water: The Gulf Oil Disaster and the Future of Offshore Drilling By National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Sill and Offshore Drilling Report to the President
sentry Sentry By Robert Crais
silent-mercy Silent Mercy By Linda Fairstein
managing-the-crowd Managing the Crowd: Rethinking Records Management for the Web 2.0 World By Steve Bailey
The Inner Circle The Inner Circle By Brad Meltzer
The Bells The Bells By Richard Harvell
Search Patterns Search Patterns By Peter Morville and Jeffery Callender
Ambient Findability Ambient Findability By Peter Morville
Desigining a Digital Future Designing a Digital Future Report to the President, December 2010
The Jerk on the Cell Phone The Jerk with the Cell Phone By Barbara Pachter and Susan Magee
Andrew Jackson Andrew Jackson By Sean Wilentz
50 Bosses Worse Than Yours 50 Bosses Worse Than Yours By Justin Racz
standiford Washington Burning By Les Standiford
the-us-capitol The United States Capitol: Its Architecture and Decoration By Henry Hope Reed
where-valor-rests1 Where Valor Rests: Arlington National Cemetery By Rick Atkinson
goode-sculpture The Outdoor Sculpture of Washington, D.C.: A Comprehensive Historical Guide By James M. Goode
peter-wood-near-anders1 Near Andersonville: Winslow Homer’s Civil War By Peter H. Wood
dennis-lehane-moonlight-mile Moonlight Mile By Dennis LeHane
anita-shreve-rescue Rescue By Anita Shreve
trigiani-dont-sing1 Don’t Sing At The Table: Life Lessons From My Grandmothers By Adriana Trigiana
franklin-crooked-letter Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter By Tom Franklin
ephron-i-remember-nothing I Remember Nothing By Nora Ephron
gardner-good-work Good Work: When Excellence and Ethics Meet By Howard Gardner, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, and William Damon
monuments-men1 The Monuments Men By Robert M. Edsel
china-calls China Calls: Paving the Way for Nixon’s Historic Journey to China By Anne Collins Walker
decision-points1 Decision Points By George W. Bush
poole-hallowedground On Hallowed Ground: The Story of Arlington National Cemetery By Robert M. Poole
schiffcleopatra Cleopatra: A Life By Stacy Schiff
generalmessmanual General Mess Manual and Cookbook: For Use On Board Vessels of the United States Navy By Paymaster General, 1904
hichborncruiseofthedashingwave Cruise of the Dashing Wave: Rounding Cape Horn in 1860 By Philip Hichborn
shirky-cognitive-surplus Cognitive Surplus: Creativity and Generosity in a Connected Age By Clay Shirky
work-sucks-ressler Why Work Sucks and How To Fix It By Cali Ressler and Jody Thompson
open-leadership-li Open Leadership: How Social Technology Can Transform the Way You Lead By Charlene Yi
lincolns-navy-ringle Life in Mr. Lincoln’s Navy By Dennis J. Ringle
time-to-lead-clark A Time to Lead: For Duty, Honor and Country By Wesley K. Clark
bloodlines Bloodlines: Recovering Hitler’s Nuremberg Laws, from Patton’s Trophy to Public Memorial By Anthony M. Platt and Cecilia E. O’Leary
Thinking for a Change Thinking for a Change: 11 Ways Highly Successful People Approach Life and Work By John C. Maxwell
Your Call Is (not that) Important to Us Your Call Is (not that) Important to Us: Customer Service and What It Reveals About Our World and Our Lives. By Emily Yellin
Lincoln and His Admirals Lincoln and His Admirals By Craig L. Symonds
Tried By War Tried by War: Abraham Lincoln as Commander In Chief By James M. McPherson
lost-rights Lost Rights: The Misadventures of a Stolen American Relic By David Howard
99-coffins1 99 Coffins: A Historical Vampire Tale By David Wellington
hamlets-blackberry Hamlet’s Blackberry: A Practical Philosophy for Building a Good Life in the Digital Age By William Powers
infotopia Infotopia: How Many Minds Produce Knowledge By Cass R. Sunstein
republiccom Republic.com 2.0 By Cass R. Sunstein
on-rumors1 On Rumors: How Falsehoods Spread, Why We Believe Them, What Can Be Done By Cass R. Sunstein
wiki-govt Wiki Government: How Technology Can Make Government Better Democracy Stronger, and Citizens More Powerful By Beth Noveck
johnson This Book is Overdue! How Librarians and Cybrarians Can Save Us All By Marilyn Johnson
walt-whitman3 Walt Whitman’s Memoranda During the War: Written on the Spot 1863-’65 Edited by Peter Coviello
abe-vampire-hunter Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter By Seth Grahame-Smith
ulrich-midwifes-tale A Midwife’s Tale: The Life of Martha Ballard, Based on Her Diary, 1785-1812 By Laurel Thatcher Ulrich
first-tycoon1 The First Tycoon: The Epic Life of Cornelius Vanderbilt By T.J. Stiles