The National Archives Through Children’s Eyes

A few months ago, I received 15 handcrafted thank you notes from a group of school children who had visited with their parents and teachers from the Saltonstall School in Salem, Massachusetts.


I had the opportunity to answer their questions before their tour of the National Archives. My favorite question was from a young boy who asked, “Which is older, this building or you?” The question certainly stopped me in my tracks — and the parents and teachers were rolling in the aisles! And when I calculated the answer, I was appalled that the building opened ONLY ten years before I was born!

From their thank you notes, you can tell the visit made a big impression. Here are my favorite quotes: 

“It was an incredible experience being just a few feet away from the documents that made our nation as it is today.” ~Cindy N.

“Thanks for showing us the most important Archives in the United States.” ~Sabrina O.

“Seeing all of the old documents will help me on my project about Washington, DC.” ~Marina W.

“Just knowing that I was staring right at our nation’s history means a lot.” ~Madyson P.

“I have only seen pictures of the Declaration of Independence, and it was really cool to see it in person.” ~Maise S.

“My favorite part was seeing you in the auditorium.” ~Sophia B.

“I guess that this letter will go into all the other documents that you have.” ~Jake M.

“Honestly, I thought that the Archives would just have the special papers and inventions, not all of the fun things we got to experience.” ~Michelle L.

“I’m very thankful to have seen these historical papers that made our country what it is today.” ~Brent C.

It was an honor to host these young researchers, and help them with their projects on Washington, DC.  I am delighted to know that “it was really cool” to see the Declaration of Independence in person.

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  1. David, how cool was it that at least one of them made the connection between the thank yous they sent you and archives. Recruit him for the profession now!

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