Round Two of US-Canadian Rivalry

On the 15th of June in 1859, Lyman Cutlar, an American recently settled on San Juan Island, shot a pig which " ... having been at several times a great annoyance and that morning destroyed a portion of his garden ... " Affidavit of Lyman A. Cutlar Regarding Pig Shooting, September 7, 1859 (click on image to view … Continue reading Round Two of US-Canadian Rivalry

Beer, Doughnuts, and the War of 1812

Last week the staffs of the National Archives and the Canadian Embassy here in Washington gathered to commemorate the War of 1812 in a special way—The Great Doughnut War of ’12, pitting Dunkin’ Donuts and Krispy Kreme against Tim Hortons. Three celebrity judges—two from the National Archives and one from the Canadian Embassy participated in … Continue reading Beer, Doughnuts, and the War of 1812

Developing a Hockey Mindset

Two weeks ago, the San Jose Sharks came to visit the National Archives for a behind-the-scenes tour on their day off in Washington before playing the Capitals. As professional athletes go, they had plenty of interest in our records -- especially the declassified 1930's contingency plan to invade Canada! As you may know from a … Continue reading Developing a Hockey Mindset