Five-Year Social Media Strategy Released

The National Archives and Records Administration released a new, streamlined social media strategy this week, with a focus on creating more engaging digital content and increasing participation by staff in the spectrum of online platforms.

Beginning in Fiscal Year 2021 and spanning the coming five years, the National Archives aims to expand digital storytelling and make the agency’s records increasingly available and relevant with online audiences. The shift to working, studying, and experiencing culture almost exclusively online for much of the United States during the COVID-19 pandemic reinforced the timeliness and significance of the new strategy.

The social media team interacts with the public daily through several platforms, ensuring that the diverse audiences for the National Archives resources are able to connect with what the agency can provide. Online platforms also link agency staff, like archivists and researchers, to the public. More than 130 National Archives employees actively contribute to 139 social media accounts on 14 different platforms, generating hundreds of millions of views annually. Those are relationships that the social media team hopes to cultivate further in the coming years.

Through this strategy, we will connect our audience with our holdings, provide valuable online resources that give context to that history, and show how our staff across the National Archives work to achieve our mission and strategic goals.

This work has proved critical during the COVID-19 pandemic, as the demand for virtual experiences has grown more urgent. I am proud of the work of staff across the agency, who have risen to the challenge to create invaluable resources for community engagement, distance learning, public programs, and access to our records. All of this has been shared through social media. 

Read more in depth about the FY 2021-25 social media strategy.

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