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  1. African Americans photos in WWII jpeg # 44 only mis identifying one soldier in photo of 99th F S (Tuskegee Airmen). That the tallest man in the photo is my dad. That this is a second instance in which the federal government has published his photo without correctly identifying him. That his ultimate military rank achieved alone is without historical recognition to date. Mostly attributed to the disregard for accurate war and military history as it relates to minorities. That your record for my father too date still reflects at the least a Private First Class rank oposed to his actual at the least drafted and enlisted rank as 1SGT. And how is it that a U S soldier with this at the least rank in status go to date unsung with his own war record? A record that is certainly ascertainable to war historians. That there is to date live ex-soldiers whom served under my father’s command with vivid recollection of entering St. Lo’ France. That I recently made contact with your staff via the phone only to have been discouraged. That my father’s discharge document clearly reflects the most highest French honor the, CROIX DE GUERRE WITH PALME.

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