Celebrating 150 Million Digital Copies in the Catalog, Part Three

Thanks to the persistence and dedication of many NARA staff and the help of our partners, the number of digital copies of our records in the National Archives Catalog surpassed 150 million. Digitizing large quantities of our records is an important goal for NARA because we know that not everyone can come to our facilities and providing these records online democratizes access to them. The conditions of the pandemic helped us to further understand the importance of providing digital access to our records.  

NARA has prioritized many of the records for scanning based on the records that have been most often requested by our researchers. So although digital copies account for only a fraction of the total number of records in our custody, we know that these are some of the most heavily used by our researchers.  

In celebration of exceeding 150 million digital copies, we are highlighting some interesting records that you may not know are available in NARA’s Catalog. The following photos are from over 43,000 Photographic Negatives 1939-1984. These uncaptioned photographs are from the records of the Bonneville Power Administration.  

Records of the Bonneville Power Administration, 1936 – 2006, E7867. National Archives Identifier 178298632
Records of the Bonneville Power Administration, 1936 – 2006, E4464. National Archives Identifier 177403042
Records of the Bonneville Power Administration, 1936 – 2006, E3570. National Archives Identifier 177401263
Records of the Bonneville Power Administration, 1936 – 2006, E4040. National Archives Identifier 177402194. Oregonian Newspaper Delivery is unassuming but has so much detail the more you examine it. Click on the link to zoom in on the photo.
Logbook of Frank Lowell, Special Agent, Alaska District No., 2, 1890 Census, National Archives Identifier 202288465. This is a fragment of the 1890 Census for Alaska (see the full story in NARA’s Text Message blog)
1810 Census of Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts, National Archives Identifier 205601220. These records were alienated from Federal custody and in the possession of Peabody Essex Museum until they were recovered and returned to NARA in April 2021.
Useful for researchers looking in the BIA Central Classified files: Numerical Index to the Central Classified Files, 1907-1942 – National Archives Identifier 2108754, BIA index (ongoing).
Patent Drawing for J. C. Noyles’ Saluting Device, National Archives Identifier 18558024. From Utility Patent Drawings (ongoing)

My thanks to the staff at the National Archives in Seattle, as well as the Digitization Division and the Cartographic Branch at our College Park Archives for sharing a few of the many interesting records that we hold at the National Archives and make available through our online Catalog. 

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