Letters to the President

One of the most rewarding parts of my work is sharing the treasures of the National Archives with kids and their families.

Through the support of the National Archives Foundation, we continue to host sleepovers in the Rotunda of the National Archives. These events give kids the chance to spend the night next to America’s most precious treasures: the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights, while engaging them in activities that help them learn about our nation’s history, and explain the important role of the National Archives.

One of the activities during our sleepovers provides an opportunity for kids to write letters, as I did, to the President of the United States, which are then delivered to the White House.

Kids at the National Archives sleepover write letters to the President of the United States. February 6, 2016. Photo by Jeffrey Reed.

Our latest delivery received a response directly from the President!

President Obama Letter page 1

President Obama Letter page 2
































It is a privilege to continue to host these events for kids and their families, and encourage them to become more involved in their government. For more information, please visit archivesfoundation.org/sleepover.

3 thoughts on “Letters to the President

  1. As a staffer who manned this letter writing station during the sleepover, I can tell you the children (and parents) were thrilled at this opportunity. They couldn’t believe it was possible. A few children sat for a long time before deciding what to write, knowing how important it was to them, knowing that they could say something to the president in a letter and that he might write back!
    It was a very special part of my experience working at the archives over the years.

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