Happy Memorial Day!

The photograph was taken at Soldier Field, Chicago, in July of 1967. The Navy’s Recruit Training Command at Great Lakes provided the manpower to create The Living Flag. In the upper right corner of the blue field, wearing a blue plastic bag over whitehat, stands recruit David S. Ferriero!

Remembering boot camp on this Memorial Day weekend.

Soldier Field, Chicago, Illinois, July 8, 1967
“Soldier Field, Chicago, Illinois, July 8, 1967: 10,000 sailors from the Great Lakes Naval Training Center form a living flag. Mayor Richard J. Daley and Rear Admiral William S. Guest, Commandant, Ninth Naval District, are the principal speakers at the event during which several classes of recruits graduated from the Training Center” . . .  428-N-1124035

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  1. Now this stadium is Home of the Bears, A very impressive stadium. It’s a little bit out of the way but we managed to walk there and back. It’s massive and the renovations completed several years ago are excellent with the architects somehow managing to keep the old facade as part of the building. It’s unfortunate that the Chicago Bears haven’t won the Superbowl since 1985 under Mike Ditka, as it would be great if the Bears had a current team to match the stadium.

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