By The Numbers

This is a snapshot of a variety of data points we are tracking to measure how we are doing.  I am especially interested in trends as we focus more and more on digital access.  Is the investment paying off in terms of numbers of eyeballs on our content?  What impact does online access have on onsite visits?  Are our efforts around social media paying off?  Are we finding the people where they are?  And making it easy for them to discover our content?  And what difference has having a Wikipedian-in-Residence had?! You be the judge.

Crunching the numbers.

“Lancaster, Pennsylvania – Hamilton Watches.” Record Group 69: Records of the Works Progress Administration, 1922- 1944. National Archives, ARC ID 518443


Percentage of online users visiting via mobile device in FY11: 4.6

Percentage of online users visiting via mobile device in FY12: 10.2

Number of visits to all NARA facilities in FY11: 3,048,906

Number of visits to all NARA facilities so far in FY 12: 2,807,685

Number of visits in FY 11: 18,372,040 (so far in FY 12: 23,138,185)

Number of researcher visits to all NARA facilities in FY 11: 129,435

Number of written requests answered by all NARA offices in FY 11: 1,300,803

  • Number of written requests (includes fax, letter, email) received by all NARA archival offices in FY 11: 207,281 (so far in FY 12: 114,538)
  • Number of written requests received by the St. Louis Military Personnel Records Center in FY11: 1,093,522 (so far in FY 12: 889,283)

Number of visits to ARC/OPA in FY11: 830,288 (so far in FY 12: 1,453,516)

Number of visits 1940 Census received since April 2012: 5,126,627

Number of views of NARA social media sites in FY 11:  22,240,389 (so far in FY 12: 34,044,797)

Number of staff creating content on NARA’s social media channels in FY09: 11

Number of staff creating content on NARA’s social media channels in FY11: 1300

Number of views of NARA’s 13 external blogs in FY11: 600,000 (so far in FY 12: 635,569)

Number of followers of Today’s Document on Tumblr: 34,862

Number of downloads of Today’s Document mobile app (IOS and Droid): 60,000

Number of NARA digital copies on our Flickr account (June 2009 to date): 12,026

Number of user-contributed tags on our Flickr digital copies (June 2009 to date): 90,353

Estimated number of views of Wikipedia articles with NARA digital copies in FY12: 750,000,000

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  1. How about asking our external digitization partners how many views NARA records receive on their websites? How many researchers are discovering NARA’s holdings on or

  2. A graphic presentation would be really useful in comparing the two years (for example, a vertical bar chart using two different color bars side by side comparing FY 11 and FY12 for each item). It might be possible in some cases to group related items and provide an overview summary that could be rolled over with a mouse for more detail.

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