Together We Can Do It!

Today we launch the Citizen Archivist Dashboard ( and encourage you to get involved in elevating the visibility of the records of the United States. Did you know that many grade school children aren’t taught cursive handwriting anymore and can’t read cursive?  Help us transcribe records and guarantee that school children can make use of … Continue reading Together We Can Do It!

Becoming a Citizen

Last week we celebrated Bill of Rights Day here at the National Archives in my favorite activity—a Naturalization Ceremony in the Rotunda.  On December 15, 1791, the first ten amendments the Constitution were adopted and for many years we have been marking the anniversary by hosting the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia’s … Continue reading Becoming a Citizen

Annual Archivist’s Awards Ceremony

Last week I hosted our Annual Archivist’s Awards Ceremony.  It was an opportunity for me, along with the other senior leaders of the National Archives to acknowledge outstanding service over the past year, and to thank the entire staff for their hard work and focus on the mission of the agency.  I said: For those … Continue reading Annual Archivist’s Awards Ceremony